Stipends and Benefits for Trainees

Duke Residents and Fellows, 2024-2025

Stipends for FY25

Effective 7/1/2024

PGY Level FY24 Annual Stipend Monthly Stipend
1 $67,284 $5,607
2 $69,996 $5,833
3 $72,720 $6,060
4 $75,684 $6,307
5 $78,600 $6,550
6 $81,720 $6,810
7 $85,272 $7,106
8 $89,340 $7,445

Cost of Living

Durham has a lower cost of living than the home cities of most other major academic medical centers. Therefore, you can afford a higher standard of living with a comparable stipend. To compare COL in Durham with other cities see: Cost of Living Calculator (

Duke PGY-1 Stipend:    $67,284

City Stipend Required for Equivalent Standard of Living
Nashville $71,149
Philadelphia $72,460
Chicago $74,116
Boston $105,860
Seattle $115,797
New York $116,350
San Francisco $168,383

Relocation Benefit

$1000 provided to GME trainees who are new employees of Duke University/Health System

Health Insurance 

  • Choice of four plans, two at no cost to trainee (Duke Basic and Duke Select)
  • Discounted premiums for GME trainees
  • Dental and vision coverage
  • Duke Benefits page

403b Retirement Contribution

  • Eligible after one year of employment and age 21
  • Immediate vesting
  • 4% contribution (no employee contribution required)
  • Find more information on the Duke HR Website here

Back-Up Care for Dependents

  • 10 annual days of backup care at discounted rates using Bright Horizons' network of caregivers who provide care for your dependents when you have a disruption in your regular care.
  • Bright Horizons' center-based care is $15 per child per day or $25 per family.
  • Bright Horizons' in-home care for both children and adults is priced at $6 per hour.

Earned Wage Access Benefit

  • Access portion of already earned wages outside of traditional page cycle
  • Find more information here

Disability and Life Insurance

  • Life Insurance at no cost to trainees
    •  $100K benefit with additional benefit for death/dismemberment—portable upon graduation
    • Supplemental life insurance ($500K) for trainees who are required to do air transport in their training
  • Base Disability Insurance- no cost to trainees
    • 60% of stipend up to $4,000 per month 
    • Specialty-specific through retirement age
    • Convertible to individual policy at graduation
  • Supplemental Disability Insurance-optional at discounted rates
    • Underwriting concessions, fully portable
    • Specialty-specific, discounted rates

Vacation/Leave Benefits

  • Trainees eligible for DUHS parental leave policy (6 weeks paid leave)
  • GME-specific policy for medical illness or caregiver leave
  • 20 paid vacation days per year
  • 8 paid days for acute illness, bereavement
  • 2 paid days to schedule medical/dental appointments

Other Benefits

  • Parking permit in premium deck at no cost to trainee (~$1,400 benefit annually)
  • $12 per night meal benefit when on call
  • On-campus gym for GME trainees only (renovation in progress)
  • Labcoats for all trainees with annual refresh
  • Financial consulting for insurance and financial planning


  • GME Premium appointments at Personal Assistance Services: 7 am, 5-7 pm appointments for GME trainees only, as well as normal appointment times.
  • Concierge service at Duke Primary Care for GME trainees to facilitate establishing care and scheduling appointments
  • Live for Life: multiple programs, activities and assessments to help employees and their family achieve health and fitness goals.
  • Duke PERQS—discounts for employees at many local businesses and services