Science Culture and Accountability

The Department of Neurosurgery strives to perform outstanding research that builds on our current knowledge and provokes innovation and exploration of novel approaches to medicine.

Research is one of the pillars of our department. As such, we are committed to ensuring that policies and procedures are in place to reflect the highest professional conduct, and to promote a culture in which scientific data are openly discussed and critically examined.

The Science Culture and Accountability Plan (SCAP) outlines the expectations and recommendations for how the department and individual investigators can guarantee the responsible management and critical review of scientific data. Our culture is one in which individuals should not hesitate to raise concerns, and clear mechanisms to address these concerns fairly and expeditiously are outlined in our SCAP.

Every member of the Department of Neurosurgery--faculty, trainees, staff, and administrators--is expected to reflect and share our commitment to the highest standards of scientific integrity.

Get the Plan

Read the Science Culture and Accountability Plan here. (File stored on Duke Box. Login with NetID required.)


  • The responsible PI is always an available party to address concerns.
  • Neurosurgery's Clinical Research Unit (contact Beth Perry, 919-681-2695) is an available resource for reporting concerns when clinical in nature.
  • Matthias Gromeier, MD, vice chair for research in the Department of  Neurosurgery, is a point person for any departmental concerns of scientific accountability.
  • Gerald Grant, MD, chair of the Department of Neurosurgery, is available for private meetings as requested, where these matters can be discussed.
  • To anonymously report a suspected compliance violation or concern at Duke, call the Compliance and Fraud Hotline at 800-849-9793.