Duke Neuro-Outcomes Program

The Duke Neuro-Outcomes Program has one of the largest and most well-respected teams in the field.

The program focuses on identifying, developing and implementing the best methods, approaches and datasets to help address key clinical research questions that impact patients with neurological disorders.

We are dedicated to advancing value creation in healthcare. Our team has influenced healthcare policy and decision making through world-class thought leadership and leverages a unique combination of capabilities in health economics, outcomes research, clinical access, biostatistics and data analytics.

We partner with life sciences organizations that have products that are used in neurosurgery, neurology or translational neuroscience to develop, capture and communicate the clinical and economic evidence required to demonstrate the value of their products. This process ties in closely with the Duke NeuroInnovations program in terms of outlining the economic evidence needed for innovations in our field.

Outcomes studies are playing an important role in the changing landscape of the U.S. healthcare system, in terms of neurosurgical patient management, regulation, reimbursement and education. Analyzing performance, comparing treatment modalities, evaluating long-term results and complications and determining the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of treatments that patients receive is becoming a key part of value-based care.