Duke NeuroInnovations

Dr. Nandan Lad

Led by Duke neurosurgeon Nandan Lad, MD, PhD, Duke NeuroInnovations educates and empowers  health technology innovators and leads the transition to a value-driven innovation ecosystem. This mission drives a focus on helping the most promising health technology innovators to realize their full potential for the greatest impact in a rapidly changing healthcare field.

Today, a new era of health economics demands that emerging technologies improve health outcomes while simultaneously reducing costs and/or increasing cost effectiveness. In this environment, where traditional funding mechanisms and business strategies no longer work, our goal is to prepare our aspiring inventors with the acumen and agility they’ll need to succeed.

Duke NeuroInnovations utilizes the Biodesign Process: a systematic approach to needs finding and the invention and implementation of new biomedical technologies.

Key components of the program include classes in medtech innovation; mentoring of residents, students and faculty in the biodesign process; career services for students interested in medtech careers; and community educational events.