Prince Antwi, MD

Prince Antwi


Yale School of Medicine, MD, 2019
Yale School of Medicine, MHS, 2019
Harvard University, Mathematics, BA, 2014

Research Interests

Epilepsy, hydrocephalus, genetics of congenital neurosurgical diseases, techniques of skull base surgery


Christian ministry, soccer, movies 

Residency Publications

Chesler, D., Bram, R., Antwi, P., Timberlake, AT, DiLuna, ML, Kahle, KT. Non-syndromic single suture craniosynostosis in triplets. Child’s Nervous System 34 (6):1241-1245 (2018) [BR, PA, ATT contributed equally]

Antwi, P., Grant, R., Kuzmik, G., Khalid, AM. “White cord syndrome” of acute hemiparesis after posterior cervical decompression and fusion for chronic cervical stenosis. World Neurosurgery 113:33-36 (2018)

Antwi, P., Hong, C.S, Duran, D., Jin, S.C., DiLuna, M., Kahle, K.T. A novel association of campomelic dysplasia and hydrocephalus with an unbalanced chromosomal translocation upstream of SOX9. Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies 4(3):1-13 (2018) 

Furey, C.G., Choi, J., Jin, S.C., Zeng, X., Timberlake, A., Nelson-Williams, C., Mohammad, M., Lu, Q., Duran, D., Panchagnula, S., Allocco, A., Karimy, J.K., Gaillard, J., Antwi, P., Khanna, A., Loring, E., Butler, W.E., Smith, E.R., Warf, B.C., Limbrick, D.D., Storm, P.B., Heuer, G., Iskandar, B.J., Johnston, J.M., Bilguvar, K., Mane, S., Tikhonova, I., Castaldi, C., Lopez-Giraldez, F., Knight, J., Alper, S.L., Haider, S., Guclu, B., Bayri, Y., Sahin, Y., Duncan, C.C., Diluna, M.L., Gunel, M., Lifton, R., Kahle, K.T. De novo mutation in genes regulating neural stem cell fate in human congenital hydrocephalus. Neuron (CellPress) 99: 1-13 (2018)

Fomchenko, E.I., Duran, D., Jin, S.C., Dong, W., Erson-Osmay, E.Z., Antwi, P., Allocco, A., Gaillard, J.R., Huttner, A., Gunel, M., DiLuna, M.L., Kahle, K.T. Novel association of germline de novo MYH9 mutation with congenital hemangioma. Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies 4(4): 1-9 (2018)

Furey, C.G, Antwi, P, Duran, D., Timberlake, A.T., Nelson-Williams, C., DiLuna, M.L., Gunel, M., Lifton, R.P., Kahle K.T. 9p24 triplication and 15q13 deletion in syndromic hydrocephalus with choroid plexus hyperplasia. Cold Spring Harbor Molecular Case Studies 4(5): 1-11 (2018)[C.G.F and P.A contributed equally]

Antwi, P., Atac, E., Ryu, J.H., Arencibia, C.A., Tomatsu, S., Saleem, N., Wu, J., Crowley, M., Banz, B., Vaca, F.E., Krestel, H., Blumenfeld, H. Driving status of patients with generalized spike-wave on EEG but no clinical seizures. Epilepsy & Behavior (92): 5-13 (2019)

Cohen, E, Antwi, P, Banz, B, Vincent, P, Saha, R, Arencibia, C, Ryu, J, Atac, E, Saleem, N, Tomatsu, S, Swift, K, Hu, C, Krestel, H, Farooque, P, Levy, S, Wu, J, Crowley, M, Vaca, F, Blumenfeld, H. Realistic driving simulation during generalized epileptiform discharges to identify EEG features related to motor vehicle safety: Feasibility and pilot study. Epilepsia, epub ahead of print, Oct. 24, 2019

Duy, P.Q, Paranipe, M.D, Antwi, P, Diab, N.S, Wang, J.K, Kim, D, Moushey, A.M, David, W.B, Kapadia, K, Agarwal, A.A, Huang, J, Sheth, A.H, Mekbib, K, Chen, H.A, Negoita, S, Liu, F, Takeo, Y, Paranjpe, I, Manna, S, Mehta, S, Gerrard, J.L. Pre-residency publication productivity of U.S. neurosurgery interns. World Neurosurgery, epub ahead of print, Jan. 31, 2020

Karimy, J.K, Reeves, B, Damisah, E, Duy, P.Q, Antwi, P, David, W, Wang, K, Schiff, J.S, Limbrick, D.D, Alper, S.L, Warf, B.C, Simard, J.M, Nedergaard, M, Kahle, K.T. Pathogenic mechanisms and therapeutic vulnerabilities of inflammation in hydrocephalus. Nature Reviews Neurology, epub ahead of print, Mar. 9, 2020

Book Chapters

Furey, C.G, Antwi, P, Kahle, K.T. Chapter 6: Congenital Hydrocephalus. Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders. Edited by David D. Limbrick and Jeffrey R. Leonard. Published by Springer Nature, 2019. p. 87-113