New in Neurosurgery

Six Key Advances in Neuroimmunology for 2017
Over the past few years, interest in the field of neuroimmunology has expanded dramatically, thanks largely to new technologies that have advanced our understanding of the intimate connections between the nervous and immune systems. Co-... Read More
Ryley's Story
In 2016, Ryley Hopper was a rising sophomore at University of North Carolina Wilmington, enjoying a carefree summer. One afternoon, Ryley was swimming in the pool with friends and dove into the shallow end, striking the bottom of the pool... Read More
The Innovator: Meet Nandan Lad
In November, Nandan Lad, MD, PhD, officially assumed the role of Vice Chair for Innovation in the Department of Neurosurgery. In this new position, he will work to help foster and encourage innovation across the department, among faculty... Read More
Documentary: Duke Neurosurgery's "Mission of Mercy"
For 10 years, members of the Duke Global Neurosurgery and Neuroscience group have taken a medical team to hospitals in Uganda twice a year to establish and maintain neurosurgery programs. Reporter Amanda Lamb and photojournalist Chad... Read More
Getting to know you: Teresa Clayton, PA-C
Teresa Clayton’s path to becoming physician assistant was a bit untraditional. Still, she can point out with certainty the small moments along the way that guided her on her journey. Teresa moved to Durham from Gainesville, Florida,... Read More
Sampson Named to National Academy of Medicine
Duke Neurosurgery’s John H. Sampson, MD, PhD, has been named to the prestigious National Academy of Medicine. Sampson is the Robert H. and Gloria Wilkins Distinguished Professor of Neurosurgery, chair of the Duke Department of... Read More
Getting to know you: Oren Gottfried, MD
The world is awash in data, and if you have the interest and the ability to sort through it, you can find some very useful insights. About four years ago, Oren Gottfried, MD, associate professor and clinical vice chair for quality in the... Read More
Getting to know you: Resident Jackie Corley, MD
Too often in medicine, no feedback is good feedback, so a little positive reinforcement can go a long way. This is the basis for a “burnout app” that third-year resident Jackie Corley and fourth-year resident Theresa Williamson are... Read More
Duke Neurosurgeons Rated Best in Triangle and Nation
Who are the Triangle's best surgeons? A new report provides scores and rankings: Duke Neurosurgery's Michael Haglund, MD, PhD, is the nation’s top-rated surgeon for three spinal fusion procedures, receiving the nation’s highest score... Read More
Poliovius Therapy Induces Immune Response to Cancer
An investigational therapy using modified poliovirus to attack cancer tumors appears to unleash the body’s own capacity to fight malignancies by activating an inflammation process that counter’s the ability of cancer cells to evade the... Read More