Samantha Spellicy, MD, PhD

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Medical College of Georgia, MD, 2022
University of Georgia, PhD, Neuroscience, 2020
University of Maryland, BS, Physiology and Neurobiology, 2013

Honors and Awards

2022 The American Physician Scientist Association Presidential Award
2021 Alpha Upsilon Phi Honor Society induction
2021 High Academic Achievement in Surgery Clerkship Award
2021 TEDx Talk
2021 Excellence in Research Award
2021 Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Program Fund Award
2020 Communication of Research and Scholarship Grant
2020 BioRender Graphical Abstract Contest International Finalist
2020 COVID-19 Design Sprint Finalist
2019 UGA Graduate School Travel Award
2019 Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems (EBICS) Art Competition Runner up
2019 Excellence in Mentorship in NanoBio REU Program
2019 Cell Manufacturing Technologies (CMaT) Perfect Pitch Finalist
2019 Three Minute Thesis People’s Choice Winner
2018 UGA Graduate School Travel Award
2018 Technology Conceptualization Plan Competition Award
2018 American Association of Physicians, American Society for Clinical Investigation Travel Award

Research Interests 

Regenerative and anti-inflammatory therapeutics for neurological disease, cerebrovascular disease, and treatment


STEM educational outreach, science-inspired art, furniture making and refurbishing, recreation softball and volleyball, video games

Residency Publications

Peer Reviewed Publications

Samantha E. Spellicy, Elizabeth S. Walker, Lauren A. Holtzclaw, John D. Rowlett “Stick a pin in it: Amyand Revisited.” ACS Case Review in Surgery (2022).

Samantha E. Spellicy, and David C. Hess. "Recycled Translation: Repurposing Drugs for Stroke." Translational Stroke Research (2022): 1-15.

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Samantha E. Spellicy, Joseph R. Kilianski, Rachel Poston, Debra Moore-Hill, and Fernando L. Vale. "Tethered brain: disentangling unintentional brain-mesh interfaces. Illustrative case." Journal of Neurosurgery: Case Lessons 1, no. 24 (2021).

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Scheulin, Kelly M*., Brian J. Jurgielewicz*, Samantha E. Spellicy, Elizabeth S. Waters, Emily W. Baker, Holly A. Kinder, Gregory A. Simchick et al. "Exploring the predictive value of lesion topology on motor function outcomes in a porcine ischemic stroke model." Scientific reports 11, no. 1 (2021): 1-15.

Samantha E. Spellicy*, Kelly M. Scheulin*, Emily W. Baker, Brian J. Jurgielewicz, Holly A. Kinder, Elizabeth S. Waters, Janet A. Grimes, Steven L. Stice, and Franklin D. West. "Semi-Automated Cell and Tissue Analyses Reveal Regionally Specific Morphological Alterations of Immune and Neural Cells in a Porcine Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Model of Stroke." Frontiers in cellular neuroscience 14 (2021): 600441.

Sydney E. Sneed, Kelly M. Scheulin, Erin E. Kaiser, Madison M. Fagan, Brian J. Jurgielewicz, Elizabeth S. Waters, Samantha E. Spellicy et al. "Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Gait Analysis Indicate Similar Outcomes Between Yucatan and Landrace Porcine Ischemic Stroke Models." Frontiers in neurology 11 (2021): 594954.

Calco, Gina*, Hanna Erickson*, Omar Toubat*, and Samantha Spellicy*. "MD/DO-PhD trainees: Flexing, adapting, and progressing during COVID-19." Journal of Clinical and Translational Science 5, no. 1 (2021)

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Samantha E. Spellicy, Erin E. Kaiser, Michael M. Bowler, Brian J. Jurgielewicz, Robin L. Webb, Franklin D. West, and Steven L. Stice. "Neural stem cell extracellular vesicles disrupt midline shift predictive outcomes in porcine ischemic stroke model." Translational stroke research 11, no. 4 (2020): 776-788.

Sun, Min Kyoung*, Austin P. Passaro*, Charles-Francois Latchoumane, Samantha E. Spellicy, Michael Bowler, Morgan Goeden, William J. Martin, Philip V. Holmes, Steven L. Stice, and Lohitash Karumbaiah. "Extracellular vesicles mediate neuroprotection and functional recovery after traumatic brain injury." Journal of neurotrauma 37, no. 11 (2020): 1358-1369.

Robin L. Webb*, Erin E. Kaiser*, Brian J. Jurgielewicz, Samantha Spellicy, Shelley L. Scoville, Tyler A. Thompson, Raymond L. Swetenburg, David C. Hess, Franklin D. West, and Steven L. Stice. "Human neural stem cell extracellular vesicles improve recovery in a porcine model of ischemic stroke." Stroke 49, no. 5 (2018): 1248-1256.

Abdelrahman Y. Fouda, Andrea S. Newsome, Samantha Spellicy, Jennifer L. Waller, Wenbo Zhi, David C. Hess, Adviye Ergul, David J. Edwards, Susan C. Fagan, and Jeffrey A. Switzer. "Minocycline in acute cerebral hemorrhage: an early phase randomized trial." Stroke 48, no. 10 (2017): 2885-2887.


Samantha E. Spellicy, “Meet me at the chiasm of art and Neurosurgery. “ANS Neurosurgeon: Special edition, Culture of Neurosurgery.” (2022).

Samantha Spellicy, "Reflections in Coiling." Stroke: Vascular and Interventional Neurology 2, no. 1 (2022): e000236.

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