Remembering Takanori Fukushima

We in Duke Neurosurgery are saddened by the news of the death of Takanori Fukushima, MD, a consulting professor of neurosurgery at Duke University since 1999, and a giant in the field of neurosurgery. 

Dr. Fukushima established an international reputation as a highly skilled technical neurosurgeon. He was known for his brilliant insights in treating neurosurgical diseases and for being a master of cranial micro neurosurgical techniques. Beyond this technical prowess, Dr. Fukushima was known as a highly compassionate neurosurgeon, comforting patients with devastating neurological diseases. 

His enthusiasm was infectious. He organized workshops teaching skull base surgical techniques around the world. Surgeons attending these workshops were inspired to continue to improve their surgical skills and knowledge.

With his passing, neurosurgery lost a great master surgeon, physician, and colleague.