Duke Neurosurgery Residency Announces Faculty and Resident Awards



The residency program of the Duke Department of Neurosurgery gave their annual faculty and resident awards at the end of the 2020-21 academic year.

Faculty Awards

Faculty Educator Award: Khoi Than, MD
A faculty member who is the best overall resident educator and exemplifies all you would like to see in educators across the program.

Resident Advocate: Steven Cook, MD
A faculty member who works consistently, fairly, and in favor of the Residents and the Resident program. This person encourages residents to interact favorably with each other and also represents the residents favorably to other faculty. They bring any Resident issues before those who can bring about change and work to bring things to resolution. 

Patient Advocate: Jordan Komisarow, MD
A faculty member who regularly acts and speaks on behalf of patients when they may not be able to represent themselves in a situation. They advocate policies and procedures that work in the best interests of our patients. 

Resident Awards

Surgical Excellence Award: Andrew Cutler, MD
A resident who demonstrates excellent care, technical skill, and teaching in the operating room.

Clinician Award:  Stephen Harward, MD, PhD, and Alex Suarez, MD
A resident who strives for and has demonstrated clinical excellence and compassionate care on the wards.

Academic Scholarship Award: Timothy Wang, MD
A resident who leads the charge in academic scholarship and inspires others to participate.

Leadership Award: Andrew Cutler, MD
A resident who exemplifies leadership, serving as a role model for fellow residents, as well as the hospital community. The recipient of this award has helped foster the desired culture of teamwork, service, and positive attitude, while exhibiting integrity, collaboration, and intellectual, emotional, and social intelligence.

Resident Teacher Award: Stephen Harward, MD, PhD 
A resident who exhibits excellent teaching to his/her resident colleagues in neurosurgical fund of knowledge.