Duke Neurosurgery Celebrates Match Day 2021


On March 19, Duke Neurosurgery Match Day by welcoming three outstanding new residents to our program. 
Syed Adil, MD, received both his undergraduate degree and his medical degree at Duke. A few of his awards and honors include Alpha Omega Alpha, DukeMed Engage Fellowship for Global Neurosurgery Research, a Fulbright Research Grant, and a DukeEngage Fellowship at a South Africa HIV clinic. His interests include machine learning to perform predictive modeling of TBI prognosis and treatment, health care resource utilization, leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, and medical device design. As a child growing up, he split his time between Pakistan and rural Tennessee, and says he considers neurosurgery to be a career of service.
Kennedy Carpenter, MD, graduated from  Queensland School of Medicine in Australia, after completing her undergraduate work at University of San Diego. Dr. Carpenter has a strong interest in service through volunteerism and global medicine. Indeed, her life has centered on service, with multiple volunteer experiences, including in health education, free medical clinics, Habitat for Humanity, and a service trip to Papua, New Guinea. A few of her honors include the Golden Key Award for Excellence in Pediatrics, and more than one Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence.
Mounica Paturu, MD, was born in India and graduated from MIT and Washington University. Her interests include bioengineering and global health care innovation, and she developed a portable HIV diagnostic device for the village she was born in, that could simultaneously track the spread of HIV and provide the crucial time to administer retroviral therapy; but this is only the tip of the iceberg. She also worked on water sanitation systems in Cambodia, converted agricultural waste in to surgical adhesives, and created a nanofiber platform for recapitulating the migration patterns of glioblastoma and a laser ablation model in mice to increase chemotherapeutic effect through increased blood-brain barrier permeability. She is  world-ranked in fencing and also runs marathons and plays the violin.

Welcome to Duke!