Daniel Sexton, MD, Receives CNS Scholarship in Data Science


Duke Neurosurgery resident Daniel Sexton, MD, has been named recipient of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons Scholarship in Data Science for 2021. 

Dr. Sexton’s awarded project involves the use of novel machine learning methods to better characterize the normal and abnormal networks in epilepsy patients who underwent intracranial monitoring. By enhancing knowledge of the connectivity of the epileptic brain, this research has the potential to improve targeting and outcomes in epilepsy surgery. His final work will be submitted for presentation at the 2022 CNS Annual Meeting, and a manuscript based on this work will be submitted to the journal Neurosurgery.

The CNS Scholarship in Data Science provides mentorship and financial support for training in data science, in order to create a cadre of neurosurgeons with expertise in computational techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. This scholarship program seeks to benefit both the individual neurosurgeons who take part in the program, as well as the field as a whole as these future leaders  shape the ways in which AI will be integrated into neurosurgical research and practice.