Research Areas

Devoted exclusively to studying health economics, outcomes and quality improvements in patients with neurological conditions, the Duke Neuro-Outcomes Program is at the forefront of translating clinical research questions into improved clinical care. 

Subspecialties: All specialty areas within Neurosurgery are amenable to customized and detailed statistical analysis plans, based on the interest of the industry partner, student, resident or faculty member.

Outcomes Research: An evidence-based approach is crucial when it comes to evaluating outcomes, and this concept is central to our research. To ensure we develop the best strategies for our projects, we draw from a combination of clinical, scientific, and biostatistics disciplines to determine the best approach.

Value and Evidence Planning: We work together to identify the optimal strategy for generating the appropriate evidence to support a technology innovation’s value proposition and deliver it to target decision makers at the right time. We ensure the components of a partner’s multifaceted evidence generation plan are strategically integrated and coordinated to deliver the highest quality evidence in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Reimbursement Strategy: Product success hinges on more than regulatory approval. Payers require evidence and arguments to be convinced of the clinical improvement and economic value of novel therapies. This is particularly challenging in environments where many therapeutic options and emerging comparators exist. By working closely with partners to understand the drivers of value and the economic landscape, our team develops tailored analyses to understand the health economic impact.