We are dedicated to advancing value creation in the life sciences industry.  We partner with life sciences organizations that have products that are used in neurosurgery, neurology or translational neuroscience to identify the Front-End of innovation and work with their R&D groups. This process ties in closely with the Duke Neuro-Outcomes Program in terms of outlining the economic evidence needed for innovations in our field.

Invitation to Participate

  • Multidisciplinary or specialized groups welcome.
  • Identify unmet clinical needs; select one or more.
  • Brainstorm solutions to selected need(s).
  • Document potential solutions and contributors.
  • Summarize the need, solution(s) and benefits.
  • Reserve time to meet with the NeuroInnovations team.

Surgeons are in a unique position to be “The Missing Link” that brings all the various invention and innovation aspects together.

Initial Steps

We ask that each individual interested in NeuroInnovations start by summarizing the following 3 Items:

Clinical Need
Described the clinical condition, the goal of diagnosis or therapy, and the standard of care today.  Specify what improvements are needed and are nice to have.

Proposed Solution
Describe idea(s) for meeting the clinical need, including: physical, biologic, chemical or features, functional performance, data or information technology, etc. and how these meet the need.

Primary Benefit
Explain the advantages of the preferred solution over the standard of care, including: clinical outcomes, patient experience, reduced risk, ease of use, time savings, cost of care, etc.