Focus Areas

The NeuroInnovations Program believes the Biodesign Process is applicable to all areas of Neurosurgery.

Duke Neurosurgery faculty and residents have co-founded 8 companies (and growing) that have either been acquired or in various stages of development, in all areas of neurosurgery.

There are many current resident and faculty projects underway and topic areas include:

  • Hydrocephalus
  • Patient engagement
  • Drug-device combination
  • Virtual reality
  • Noninvasive biomarkers of disease

The number of projects continues to change and grow each year, based on student/resident/faculty need identification and development. Regardless of your area of subspecialty, the Biodesign principles can be applied to innovate in one’s chosen area of focus.

We believe that Innovation can be taught and learned.

This allows one to go in depth into any given area and make a significant impact in their field of choice.