Typical 7-Year Program Schedule

Year Rotations
Neurosurgery, 4 months
Neuro ICU, 3 months
Neurology, 3 months
GSU/ENT/Ortho, 2 months
Neurosurgery Functional Junior, 4 months 
Neurosurgery Duke Regional/VAMC, 4 months
Radiation Oncology/Neuro IR, 1 month
Neuro-Oncology, 1 month
Cardiac ICU, 1 month
Surgical ICU, 1 month
PGY-3 Neurosurgery Spine Junior, 4 months 
Neurosurgery Vascular Junior, 4 months
Neurosurgery Tumor Junior, 4 months
Academic year #1 (research, approved activities, etc.). Residents who gain funding for their salaries this year (ie. via R25) will be eligible for departmental funds toward a tech or other research need in years 5 and 6, until they return to their research in year 7.
Durham VAMC/Duke Regional, 8 months
Neurosurgery Pediatrics Chief, 4 months
Neurosurgery Spine/Functional Chief, 4 months
Neurosurgery Vascular Chief, 4 months
Neurosurgery Tumor Chief, 4 months 

Transition to Practice Year. Can include enfolded fellowships in neuro-oncology, functional, spine, endovascular, or ICU. Residents can also choose to train as a 50-50 physician-scientist or take an additional pure research year, strengthening the path to a K or R award. Additional clinical training in a specific arena is also possible.