Kelly Ryan Murphy, MD


Duke University School of Medicine, M.D., 2017
Duke University, Neuroscience, B.S., 2013

Honors & Awards

Wilburt Davison Award, Duke School of Medicine, 2017
William G. Anlyan Senior Merit Scholarship, Duke School of Medicine, 2016-2017
Duke University's Young Trustee Finalist, 2016
Medical School Thesis Honors, 2016
Albert Schweitzer Service Fellowship, 2015-2016
Chancellor’s Service Fellowship, Duke School of Medicine, 2014-2015
AMDA Quality Improvement & Health Outcomes Innovation Award, 2016
Feagin Leadership Program Master of the Sword, 2015
Community Health Engagement Day Blue Ribbon, 2014
Elks National Foundation Medical School Merit Scholarship, 2013-2017
Elks National Foundation Alum of the Year, 2014
Editor-in-Chief, ‘Duke Science Review’ journal, 2013-2014
Graduation with Distinction, Neuroscience B.S., 2013
Howard Hughes Research Fellow, 2010
Co-founder, ‘Neurogenesis’ undergraduate research journal, 2010-2013
Duke Neuroscience Program of Research Fellow, 2012-2013
Arizona (AIA) Female Student of the Year, 2009
Everyday Hero Award, 2009
Proclamation of Recognition, City of Glendale, AZ, 2009

Research Interests

Quality improvement and outcomes for geriatric neurosurgical patients
Neurosurgical education and objective evaluation
Efficiency and systems processing of healthcare delivery
Healthcare resource utilization
Applications and delivery models of neuromodulation
Neurosurgical solutions for neurodegenerative diseases


Golfing, skiing, writing poetry, barre/Pilates, Triangle dining


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