Sampson Elected to Association of American Physicians


John Sampson, MD, PhD, chair of the Duke Department of Neurosurgery, has been elected to the Association of American Physicians, an honor given to those who have attained excellence in the pursuit of medical knowledge and its application to clinical medicine to improve health.

Sampson is a recognized leader in the surgical resection and experimental treatment of complex brain tumors. His clinical practice is focused on treating patients with both benign and malignant brain tumors, while his research laboratory is actively investigating immunotherapy and new modalities of precision drug delivery to brain tumor tissue while avoiding healthy tissue.

He has authored more than 240 peer-reviewed publications documenting the development of multiple immunotherapeutic agents that have affected the standard of care in glioblastoma multiforme, the most malignant form of brain cancer. He has remained continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health since 2000. In 2017, Dr. Sampson was named to the prestigious National Academy of Medicine.

The Association of American Physicians is a nonprofit, professional organization founded in 1885 by seven physicians for “the advancement of scientific and practical medicine.” The Association is composed of members who are leading senior physician scientists and are competitively selected.